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Cinema Heichal

Bespoke Architecture
residential + public + retail
23,000 sqm 153 apt
Site Area:
4,500 sqm
zoning plan
August 2020
Petah Tikva
Zar + P.T. Municipality
  • Retaining and repurposing the “Hiechal” cinema building preserves its historical significance while giving it a new lease on life as an active cultural public space. This honors the architectural legacy of Arieh Sharon and maintains a connection to the city’s past.

    The demolition of the old building clears the way for the creation of a modern residential tower and open green space.

    The development of an open green space adjacent to the cinema provides residents and visitors with a communal area for relaxation and recreation.

    Residential Tower with 29 floors and 153 apartments, it offers contemporary housing options and potentially attracts new residents to the area.

    Incorporation of Public Use Space: Allocating 600 m² of public use space within the residential tower promotes inclusivity and community engagement.





Bespoke Architecture